Monday, June 30, 2014

"Ghost the Musical," Comes to Los Angeles - Now Touring the Country

Eimear and I, and some dear friends, at the opening of my brother's show, "Ghost, the Musical" at the Pantages. It's a beautiful show, written by the insightful Bruce Joel Rubin (who also wrote the screenplay to the movie).  We had the pleasure of dining with he and his wife Blanch before the performance.
Only took my brother David Garfinkle half a decade or so to get the show to the stage!

At dinner, Bruce told the story of how when he was first approached by David, he was not sure how, or even if, "Ghost" should be adapted for the stage as a musical.  

Bruce then generously told the tale of how David came to his house and proceeded to go through the movie scene by scene, explaining how and where each song would go.  Lost in conversation, the time got late, and David missed the last train back to New York.

There was an argument at dinner as to whether missing the train was an artful ploy to continue the conversation, or an innocent over-site, but now missing the train has become Broadway legend - so I'll let you all decide the truth.

Just like Sam in the story, I picture David singing "1000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" all night until Bruce simply gave in.

The show is in Los Angeles for the next few weeks, but is touring the country.  Catch it when it's in your town.

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