Saturday, October 18, 2014

Only Just Over 100 Early Bird Tickets Left

The iDig Music Festival - Update

Eimear Noone, Conductor and Host, iDIG Music Fest

VG music fans are the best!  

First, we never expected the first 500 Early Bird tickets to be going so quickly.  That was a truly welcome surprise.  Due to the demand, We've Extended the Early Bird Ticket Price, but only for a limited time!

Save €20!

Can't make it to Dublin?  We are working with Irish TV to determine the best way to stream the festival live.  

We are also heartened by the number of fans who have pledged to volunteer to help out.  We absolutely need it! 

But what is most exciting is the number of musicians that have dedicated video game music ensembles that want to perform at the iDIG Music Festival!  We had no idea of all the magnificent talent out there. We are currently figuring out how to include as many of you as possible either in person or through our website. 

Wishing you all the best of luck in your own musical adventures!

Eimear Noone, and the iDIG Music Fest team!

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