Friday, January 11, 2013

Bloodmire Manor - Remix, Redux, Redux

One of the challenges of being a creative type is that by definition one is never satisfied with their work.  As I like to say, nothing is ever finished, only abandoned.

In this spirit, I wanted to share my latest remix from "Baldur's Gate, The Dark Alliance II," a composition entitled:  "Bloodmire Manor."

This was a really hard score for me;  Not due to the music nor people I was working with, but because while I was working on the project, the employer went belly up.  The resulting budget constraints dictated that the score that ended up in the game was my version of a well produced demo, not what I considered a finished product.  This really hurt!

Over the past few years I have slowly been remixing all the original scores (from 2004).  In  some cases, I've recorded live orchestra, in others, as in the composition below, I took the original files and recreated them using modern sample libraries like the Vienna Symphonic Instrument.  This is an interesting example for those who want to hear how music technology has evolved in the last 9 years (it's 2013 when I am writing this).

Here's the remix:

And here's the original version:

What cue would you like me to revisit next?  Leave a comment.