Monday, November 25, 2013

Immediate Music - "SoulMates" [Friday Fix]

Wow- memories.  

A friend just sent me a link, reminding me of a piece I wrote a while back for Immediate Music.  Unlike most of the huge bombastic stuff they (and I) might be known for, I actually had created a series of acoustic guitar based cues for a kinder and gentler audience.

I also enjoyed the challenge of completely playing everything myself - with no electronics.

I think I'll do some more of these - after the next big project!



Thursday, November 7, 2013

Help Eimear and I support Orchestral Music! Vote for us today!

Hi Fellow Music Fans.

This blog posting has a very specific message:  We need your vote now!

To continue bringing great orchestral music to 
the concert hall, we are competing for a $250K "Small Business Grant" from Chase Bank.  We have a little over a week to secure 250 votes for our company, Twelve O'clock Arts, in order to progress to the next round of the competition.

If you already know and love Eimear's work for Blizzard, Zelda, her classical, film and video game concerts, go directly to this link and vote now!

The rest of this newsletter will be dedicated to describing just a taste of what we have planned for the upcoming year. 

Our Goal:  Exposing New Audiences to the Symphony Through Multimedia, Video Game and Film Music.

You may know Eimear Noone from her video game music concerts, but these are only the latest adventures in a long musical journey.  Eimear Noone (and her partners at Twelve o'clock Arts) have spent a lifetime dedicated to performing and promoting orchestral music of all kinds!

A conductor since the age of 15, by age of 21, Eimear had co-founded her own ensemble, "The Dublin City Concert Orchestra."  With nothing except a sheer force of will, she sold out a series of concerts at Dublin's National Concert Hall that were dedicated to performing film scores as well as classic repertoire that was used in this films.  Although much more common now, an orchestral concert dedicated to "film music" was unheard of within the classical establishment at the time.

Flash forward to the past few years where now hundreds of thousands of fans have seen Eimear onstage conducting video game music at venue such as The Sydney Opera House, Madison Square Garden, and The Greek Theater (To name but a few).  Likewise, she's lead countless venerable ensembles such as the Sydney, Dallas, Baltimore, Colorado, Pacific and Houston Symphonies; The Philadelphia Orchestra, and The Royal Philharmonic.

Those who have attended these concerts know, the music from these video games are bold, brash and every bit as dynamic as the traditional repertoire. They are the classical music of our day.

Most importantly however, at a time when orchestras are struggling to find a sustainable audience, these concerts of video game music regularly sell out.

And what do the symphony managers ask Eimear at these video game music concerts, when they see full houses treating their orchestras like rock stars?  They ask, "How do we get this audience back to the concert hall to hear the classics?"

This is where our new adventure begins.

Eimear rehearsing "This is Ireland," her St. Patrick's Day Multimedia Celebration, featuring Pierce Brosnan

Our New Project!: 

Bringing Video Game Music, Stunning Visuals, and Classic Repertoire Together in One Multimedia Celebration.

At Twelve O'clock Arts we love all types of orchestral music, regardless of the origin.  It can be a game score written last week or a symphony from the 1800's - to us they are all pure magic.

Our key motivation is the desire to share any and all of these in a setting that resembles the multi-media extravaganzas that our audiences have come to expect from Eimear:  Beautiful moving images, synchronized to every beat and phrase of the music - as only her expert conducting can allow.  If it's the score from a movie, every moment is synchronized to the composer's intent for the film.  Likewise a game score.

This is how we are used to seeing video game concerts - but we want to take this to a new level!
What if we could take all of this talent one step further?  What if we could bring all the wonderful multimedia technology available from Broadway, rock concerts, and the movies to the concert stage? Imagine a 3D enveloping experiences, dancing dragon holograms and more, all interacting with Eimear and the orchestra.  That's what we have planned!

To execute this vision we have teamed up with Broadway producer David L. Garfinkle, who's productions of "Ghost" and "Spiderman" have already rewritten the rules for what can be presented on a stage.

We've also teamed up with some yet to be announced top game composers and game companies - you will absolutely know them!

Together, our team is going to rewrite the rules of what you can do with the orchestra!

At the core of all of this, though, is the same excellence of symphonic performance that the audience has come to expect whenever Eimear takes the stage.  There will be your favorite video game scores, performed to picture, but also, video interpretations of some of the great classics that influenced the video game scores.  We are not quite ready to release all the secrets we have planned, except to say the fans will not be disappointed!

But we can't do any of this without your help!  We need your vote for "Twelve O'clock Arts!  Please click on the link below and vote now!  Help us get to the next level!