Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Join us on stage at The Dublin International Game Music Festival

Are you a singer, a musician, or artist
that loves video game music?

Take the stage at the 
Dublin International Game Music Festival!

Sign up here!

We have three contests launching on December 15th to make this happen!
Video game fans by definition, insist on being interactive with their entertainment. With this in mind, the iDIG Music Festival will launch three online events in advance of the festival. On December 15th, 2014, these will officially open. 

* The iDIG Music Fest YouTube Orchestra
In this online event, fans that play an instrument will be able to take the stage with the orchestra.  Send us an email at zeldaconductor@gmail.com.  Include in your email which instrument you play.

Participants will then be sent their individual part and a guide track along with instructions on how to videotape themselves performing their part to our guide track and upload it back to us. We will then synchronize all the submitted videos to form a symphonic montage - which will premiere on stage at the festival with the orchestra playing along!

A Vocalist Competition to Appear with Video Games Live
Our own 13 year old Madison Sings
Our own 13 year old Madison Sings "Before He Cheats"

Similar to our YouTube Orchestra, on December 15th the information will be released on how to enter our vocalist competition. First prize is a featured solo with the orchestra at the Video Games Live concert, and all finalists will be invited to sing along in the choir. Finalists will also have a featured spot at one of our Expo events.  
* A Fan Art Gallery

When we were looking at the Face Book pages of our attendees, we were overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the fan artwork we discovered. This inspired us to decide to decorate our festival, expo and website with as much fan art as possible. Again, on December 15th, our website will release the information on to how to apply to exhibit at the festival and upload art to our website.
The iDIG Music Fest is an event that is designed to display the raw passion and emotion behind video game music, but it is also one tailor-made for the fans who aren't content to just watch when they can perform.

Bring Your Meanest Axe!

As the festival approaches, we will be reaching out again to our audience with ways to not just attend, but to participate! In the meantime, make sure you check the website December 15th for the first round of events!
We also have a few slots available for bands who specialize in game music.  Contactcraig@idigmusicfest.com to apply!