Friday, May 4, 2012

Stevie TV, "Gay Teen," composed/produced by Craig Stuart Garfinkle

Hi All,

"Gay Teen" is the second of four songs that I produced, performed, and co-wrote for the VH1 show, "Stevie TV."   Enjoy the video below!

A big shout out to my co-writers  Matt Lawton, Hanna LoPatin, and Mason Steinberg, as well as to Stevie Ryan for her "dead on" performance and Tom Stern for directing the music video.

The video is stirring up quite a bit of controversy as many people don't get that the song is actually a skewering of celebrity and the use of good causes as a tool of self promotion - but that's just my view.  Let me know yours.

I hope the song brings a good, if even embarrassed, laugh.


Craig Stuart Garfinkle

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