Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eímear Noone, Hibernian

Eímear Noone, Conductor and Composer, releases her first "Mini EP."

Although best known as an orchestral conductor, her work on "The Legend of Zelda, Symphony of the Goddesses," and as the conductor for Blizzard Games (Diablo III, Starcraft II et all.) after years of urging her to share more of her music with the world, I was finally able to convince her to release an EP containing just a handful of her compositions.

We have called the CD, "Eímear Noone, Hibernian," as an homage to her Irish roots.

You can purchase the CD here.

It is a pleasure to share two YouTube videos that feature tracks from the CD:

The first is"Flying."  Composed and conducted when Eímear was still in her early Twenties, it remains to this day, one of my favorite compositions.

The second is an excerpt from the silent film, "Ireland, a Nation" (1914), which features Eímear's contemporary original score.

Eimear's version of the score was commissioned for, and first premiered at "The Los Angeles Irish Film Festival," using a live ensemble performing to the movie.

You can preview the rest of the CD and purchase it CD here.

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