Sunday, October 12, 2014

Announcing The IDIG Music Festival, April 2-4, Dublin Ireland

So, how does something like the I DIG Music Festival happen?  Let's file this under, be careful what you tweet - someone might be paying attention and hold you to it.

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That's the short story, the long one has yet to be written but this is what we know:

Eimear Noone

Once Eimear Noone made that fateful tweet, challenging herself to finally bring the video game music she loves to Ireland, everything snowballed.

Twitter went alight with encouragement.  A concert became a bigger concert, became a festival, became a festival with an Expo.

The Dublin Convention Center joined the team, as did the National Youth Orchestra Ireland.  Irish TV has committed to covering and broadcasting the event.

Likewise, our dear friends, fellow composers Russell Brower, Austin Wintory, Neal Acree, Jason Hayes and Tommy Tallarico.  They all wanted to join in the fun.

But most importantly, fans from all over the world have been approaching us, volunteering their assistance - without them, creating the festival would be an impossible task.  This is a truly grass roots, fan inspired effort.

I'll be posting more about the festival as we get more commitments from participants, but I did not want to move forward before saying a big thank you to Chris Rooke @chrisrooke, who is our main man on the ground in Dublin.  Send him a twitter wave of thanks!

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