Monday, April 18, 2016

Did you miss our Celtic Link Kickstarter?

Did you miss our Kickstarter, 
Eimear Noone presents: "The Celtic Link,"
Themes from The Legend of Zelda?

Read below to preview excerpts 
and to join our "Post Kickstarter" to get
all the bonus material and videos!

The CD is also now on Amazon!

To get a taste of what we have created, here are some examples from the finished CD.

Zelda's Lullaby

The Windwaker Theme

Song of Storms

Musical Montage from the CD

The Celtic Link Orchestral Fantasy, With Score

When you join our Post-Kickstarter, in addition to the CD download you get:
  • All the bonus tracks, rough mixes, and alt versions to the songs on "The Celtic Link" CD.
  • Two excerpts from the VGL Level 5 Documentary
  • Three CDs worth of additional scores by Craig Stuart Garfinkle and Eimear Noone, including music from our other game and film scores - most unavailable anywhere else!
  • Be the first to see the music videos we are creating for the CD
  • And much, much more.  We want to make sure our backers have priority access to all we do!
We were honored that so many of you supported our successful Kickstarter campaign to create unique "Traditional Irish" versions of the themes from "The Legend of Zelda," featuring members of the brilliant DIT Irish Traditional Music Ensemble.

The CD is complete and will soon be released world-wide, but in the meantime, we have been inundated by fans who want to get all the special updates, rough mixes, and more, but missed the actual Kickstarter.

Only those who joined the Kickstarter can get the physical copies of the special Kickstarter version of the CD, but we are offering a limited number of digital copies, including all the bonuses, for those who join our "Post Kickstarter."

And here is our original Kickstarter video:

Preview at Amazon

Order Your Digital Copy Now!

Tracks on the CD:

1.  The Windwaker Theme
2.  Kaepora Gaebora
3.  Zelda's Lullaby
4.  Aryll's Theme
5.  Song of Storms
6.  Clocktown
7.  Temple of Time
8.  Deku Palace
9.  Saria's Song
10.  Kakariko Village
11. Illia's Theme
12.  The Great Fairy Fountain
13.  The Zelda Orchestral Fantasy

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